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10/10/2021Pastor Kyle Huckins "Evangelism NOW: Is This The End?" (FCC Sermon Audio 10-10-21 Ed.mp3)
Sunday Worship Matthew 24:1-14
Many are talking about whether we're in the endtimes, but there's only one way to know: checking the signs Jesus gave. This message has research from today's world to give you facts, not empty opinion. Watch to see how close are The Rapture, Tribulation & Antichrist and what to do about it.
Notes on Sermon Is This The End.pdf Download Notes on Sermon Is This The End.pdf
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10/03/2021Pastor Kyle Huckins "Evangelism NOW: Born-again Basics" (FCC 10-3-21 Audio.mp3)
Sunday Worship Selected Scriptures
As Christians go out to witness, they need to know essentials of the faith for their own confidence as well as to answer questions. Pastor Huckins goes over eight key precepts and even more passages in this teaching. His worksheet to go with the sermon is attached.
FCC Sermon Worksheet Born-again Basics 10-3-21.pdf Download FCC Sermon Worksheet Born-again Basics 10-3-21.pdf
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09/26/2021Pastor Kyle Huckins "Evangelism NOW: Removing Roadblocks to Revival" (FCC Sermon Audio 9-26-21.mp3)
Sunday Worship Colossians 3:1-17
The greatest enemy of churches is not Islam, LGBTs, or even the secular realm; it is a fellowship's members taking offense at others in the assembly, dividing and disaffecting Christians. In this message, Pastor Kyle Huckins gives practical, biblically based steps to remove obstacles to revival personal and corporate as his flock readies an outreach.
Download FCC Sermon Audio 9-26-21.mp3
09/19/2021Pastor Kyle Huckins "Evangelism NOW: The Soil of Salvation" (FCC Sermon Audio 9-19-21.mp3)
Sunday Worship Matthew 13:3-9, 18-23
Christ's Parable of the Soils indicates there are four types. He explains these are the groups of people who hear the Gospel. Three of four may seem saved, but only one is.
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09/12/2021Pastor Kyle Huckins "Evangelism NOW: Change Someone's Eternity" (FCC Sermon Audio 9-12-21.mp3)
Sunday Worship Romans 1:18-23
The Bible says every person is without excuse before God. This message shows why and how to witness to others.
Download FCC Sermon Audio 9-12-21.mp3
09/05/2021Pastor Kyle Huckins "God Knows Best" (FCC Sermon Audio 9-5-21.mp3)
Sunday Worship Psalms 23:1-6
Christians are sheep under the Good Shepherd, Christ Jesus. He knows what's good for us though we often disagree. Learn how he uses his staff to guide and discipline us.
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