The Rev. Kyle Huckins, Ph.D., is FCC Crawford's pastor, starting in June 2021. His ministry has spread from coast to coast and border to border, preaching in person in 21 states and the District of Columbia. He's ministered in everything from small neighborhood congregations to international meetings. He has been ordained clergy since 2003, in higher education beginning in 1995 and professional media starting in 1989. He holds a master's degree in theological studies from Liberty University's seminary as well as master's and doctoral degrees in journalism. 

He enjoys northwestern Nebraska because it reminds him of his father's home: southeastern Montana, just a 4-hour drive away. "Dad grew up on a ranch 22 cattle gates from town," Pastor Kyle recalls. "It's big country with hills and stony bluffs." Their place on the Powder River has been in the family since 1885, the year before Crawford was incorporated.

A passionate believer in fostering biblically based diversity, Huckins has worked in media, academia and the church to enable equal opportunity and input for those of every color. He chaired the racial advocacy commission of the largest group of news, PR & media professors in the world. Originally ordained by a onetime Southern Baptist mission, he has filled the pulpit for more than 70 congregations of 20+ Christian denominations and movements and with memberships mainly Caucasian, Latino, Native and African American. 

Pastor Huckins has an evangelism ministry, Eternity Now, which has reached over 325,000 for Christ since May 2020. He has witnessed to over 1,000 people one-on-one since the ministry's start, with young Natives, senior African Americans, middle-aged Caucasians and 20-something Latinos among the group.

Huckins has been honored 25 times by such groups as the Evangelical Press Association, Religion News Association, Society of Professional Journalists and Amy Foundation for his professional media work. Many of his former students are working in professional media. They won more than 60 news honors while under his guidance. He has received three awards for his academic scholarship, which has appeared in The Social Science Journal and Journal of Media and Religion, among other publications. He's written a pair of books, too.

"My greatest honor, however, has been to help lead others to Christ," he says. "That God would use me in His ministry still amazes me, and I am grateful for the Lord's calling."