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09/19/2021Pastor Kyle Huckins "Evangelism NOW: The Soil of Salvation" (FCC Sermon Audio 9-19-21.mp3)
Sunday Worship Matthew 13:3-9, 18-23
Christ's Parable of the Soils indicates there are four types. He explains these are the groups of people who hear the Gospel. Three of four may seem saved, but only one is.
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09/12/2021Pastor Kyle Huckins "Evangelism NOW: Change Someone's Eternity" (FCC Sermon Audio 9-12-21.mp3)
Sunday Worship Romans 1:18-23
The Bible says every person is without excuse before God. This message shows why and how to witness to others.
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09/05/2021Pastor Kyle Huckins "God Knows Best" (FCC Sermon Audio 9-5-21.mp3)
Sunday Worship Psalms 23:1-6
Christians are sheep under the Good Shepherd, Christ Jesus. He knows what's good for us though we often disagree. Learn how he uses his staff to guide and discipline us.
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08/30/2021Scott Langemier Update from Scott Langemier (Update from Scott Langemier.WAV)

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08/29/2021Devin Davis For Love's Sake (Devin Philemon 1-16.WAV)
Philemon 1-16
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08/22/2021Josh Summers The Supernatural Strength of a Believer (Josh Summers 2 Tim 2;1-4.WAV)
2 Timothy 2:1-4
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